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The humble mural

In a brand world that is becoming progressively dominated by digital experiences, marketers often overlook the importance of analogue.

Analogue has been making a comeback for a while now and part of that trend is the return of craftmanship, such as hand painted murals.

If the word “mural” still conjures up thoughts of either poorly executed Disney characters in the doctors’ waiting room or graffiti on an abandoned building, it’s time for you to re-look this exciting medium.

International brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Adidas have taken to the street with fresh, highly visible mural campaigns. They include a hashtag in the Instagram worthy wall art to marry the analogue experience with the digital world.

Some brands choose to celebrate the culture of street art and others use it to bring some of that excitement indoors. Whatever you decide one is clear: creating something by hand will bring authenticity to your brand and the possibilities are as endless as creativity itself.

When we engage with a good work of art, we connect with our senses. This is where brands can truly harness the power of creativity.

Invest in your brand by not only transforming spaces but being seen as championing the arts, but make sure you get the right mural artist. Someone qualified in design and branding will ensure you don’t end up with the wrong kind of old school on your wall.

A recently painted mural in progress at Monkeyland KZN

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