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Envision Africa - a brand journey

Every once in a while I have the opportunity to bring a brand to life, feed it, water it and see it grow. I love this strategic and creative challenge. As a start up with a limited budget we had to make strategic choices that were right for the business and the website was only tackled in year three when the company had found its feet. I also had to multitask and do everything from product pack shots to once off certificates to keep costs down. Today the company has grown substantially in market share with a website that reflects its international status.

Envision Africa brand strategy and identity

January 2018

Branding mock-up.png

Website development

Completed Dec 2018

website launch_v1.jpg

Creative Direction & Design

My work experience is varied and so are the industries I have serviced, but my first love has always been creative and strategic work and this is where I have honed my skills. As Creative Director, I’ve had the pleasure of working with great brands and clients. With years of experience and a unique and honest artistic vision that guides my work, I do all I can in order to bring my clients’ visions to life. From branding to websites and photography to posters, I do it all. Take a look at my work, and get in touch.

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