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Art & Strengths Workshops

I offer various art workshops. Printmaking, acrylics and mixed media. As a StrenghtsFinder coach I also offer workshops with a Strengths focus from time to time. These workshops use tactile artistic tools to facilitate and lead to a better understanding of your Strengths talent themes (as determined by the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment). Printmaking and painting is a great way to get your hands dirty, have creative fun and achieve a great outcome regardless of talent or experience. 

My Work

I am a multidisciplinary creative, comfortable in many different mediums and my work is influenced by my eye for design and a love for the old masters. I love depicting women and can't seem to get away from bold patterns and colours. Take a look at my work below, the linocuts were created in my studio.


As a team we have designed and completed more than 30 murals. Our clients range from corporates such as The Franchise Company and Primates Resorts, contracting us to do murals for Monkeyland and Mike's Kitchen. We have also designed and painted murals that form part of advertising campaigns such as the murals. More recently we completed a mural at a Game Farm in the KZN and murals in private homes.

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