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About Me

I am a multi-disciplinary creative. I apply myself as a designer, creative director, artist and strategic thinker in the capacity of freelancer or as lead in a team of creative collaborators. I work with a range of clients from start-ups to established national or global companies. No job is too small and few are too big. 
I believe that good collaborations built on trust can make great things happen.

In addition to my creative and strategic work I have qualified myself as a StrengthsFinder coach. I have had opportunities over the past 15 years not only to grow in understanding of self and others but also later as manager and coach, achieving organisational goals and success through higher employee engagement, improving team dynamics and improved overall team performance. I continue this work by coaching individuals and small teams. The insight and understanding of patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving it can bring not only to work teams but also close relationships is life changing. Coaching individuals and teams is something I have started combining with my art workshops and it yields wonderful results.

Take a look at my work, and get in touch.

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